43 MPH

Run faster than the other ostrich!


Project Duration: 1 week, lightning round
Role: Programmer, Game Designer
Teammates: Siyu (Tracy) Chen, Tai Chun (Vicky) Lin, Muhammad Bin Tahir Mir, Julian Ochoa 
Platform: PC with Leap Motion


A multiplayer game that requires 2 players to play. Two ostriches are racing all over the world - players will see the landmarks in Italy, France, Egypt, and the United States. It is a racing game that consists of two mechanics: in running mode, players flap their hand to speed up. They cannot control the direction, but also you will not hit the obstacles. When the charge bar gets full, players can lift their hands to enter the flying mode. In flying mode, ostriches are automatically flying with maximum speed, but you need to tilt the hand to control the direction so that they will not hit the obstacles - Obstacles can immediately end the flying mode and cause 2 seconds stun.


As a designer, I designed the prototype and basic game flow. 


As a programmer, I implemented all mechanics related to ostriches: hand motion detecting and distinguishing, running mode and flying mode mechanic, and obstacle hitting effects. Since we are in the lightning round, we need to finish everything in 1 week. Due to the limited tracking area and functionality, I struggled about 2 days on just implementing and debugging the hand motion. This project was a great practice of fast prototyping.