Another Alice Adventure

Express your talent in this simple game creation tool!


Project Duration: 15 weeks
Role: Back-end Developer
Teammates: Xiao He, Ruofan Zhang, Chaojie Zhu
Platform: Windows, Linux, MacOS


Another Alice Adventure is a semester-long project at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. The goal is to design a 2D adventure game creation tool that can be used to teach introductory game design concepts.

The project works towards creating a cross-platform tool to enable middle schoolers who have little experience with game design and coding to create adventure games with puzzles and interactions. This project is a continuation of the ETC Alice’s Adventure project with emphasis on giving game designers the power to express their talents.

Project Website:

Where you can download the software and learn how to use it, view the dev blog, play the games created by our team members, and real middle school students using this tool.

GitHub Repository:

You can search commits done by "yifengshi1995" for my contribution.


Implemented the back-end side of the new progressive puzzle module API, which enables users to make the puzzle progressively: to make a puzzle, users choose a goal first, then choose the solution for this puzzle, and finally add a challenge on it or not. Firstly, I refactored the backend code using the newest JavaScript edition; to fit our new design, I implemented a new class containing methods that represent all kinds of possible puzzles, each is given a set of required variables. I also created many utility classes that make the tool more extendable and easier to use.

New features include:

  • Password input

  • Customized SFX when solving a puzzle

  • Customized Winning condition

  • Object highlighting on mouse hover

  • Object name highlighting in text

I also made the change on the code generator to reflect the new designs.