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A spiritual experience during a calamity...


Project Duration: 2 weeks
Role: Programmer, Game Designer
Teammates: Chia-Chi (Aurora) Chang, So Yong (Olivia) Han, Jiajun Tan, Anying (Amber) Zheng
Platform: Oculus Rift


A VR interactive story that let you experience the friendship between you and your dog. The core game mechanic is "throwing". In the beginning, you are fetching with your dog - this stage is aiming for forming the connection between the player and the dog, and also letting the player be familiar to the throwing mechanic. Then a calamity happens, you and your dog are separated by the iceberg breaking. Then you need to use the rope to gradually back to the main iceberg, where your igloo locates, guided by a dog spirit looks like your dog (the idea is kind of spiritual, and it uses an open ending).

As a designer, I designed part of the fetching interactive the ending cutscene and several minor scenario details.


As a programmer, I implemented the basic dog interactive patterns, the throwing mechanic, some timeline related problems and some minor visual effects. I pair programmed with the other programmer for some other functionalities.