Caffeine High

Gather the most coffee for your master!


Project Duration: 3 weeks
Role: Programmer, Game Designer
Teammates: Vicky Lin, Min Pan, Shitong Shen, Weidi Tang
Platform: Jam-O-Drum


A multiplayer game that requires 4 players to play. Using the tap & spin features of Jam-O-Drum, each player represents a coffee cup, moving and rotating it to get more coffee and prevent opponents to get coffee. Players can: get coffee by hitting the coffee pot, or stealing from others by hitting other players; gain a shield to protect self from one hit or one bad effect by hitting creamer; freeze every other player by hitting sugar bowl. However, if you hit the moldy cup, your control will be reversed. When the time runs up, the player with most coffee wins.

As a designer, I designed all the effects of NPCs (creamers, sugar bowls, and moldy pots). I also iterated the numeric system to make the game more balanced and fun to play.

As a programmer, I pair programmed with the other programmer for most functionalities. My main programming contributions are quality assurance and debugging because I found out I was very good on finding potential problems. I solved many bugs caused by the bad early stage design and legacy code, restructured some parts of the project several times for better coding experience in the future.