VR and mobile social experience


Project Duration: 16 weeks
Role: Programmer
Teammates: Pavan Paravasthu, Kristian Tchetchko, Yanyu Tong, Muzi Wang, Shuqi Yang
Platform: Oculus Quest + Android


CO-VR is a team at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center focussed on exploring social experiences in VR. Virtual Reality has been surging in popularity, and an increasing number of households are beginning to explore the vast worlds offered by the technology.

We aim to examine how scenarios, input methods, and interactions affect player experiences while also maintaining a safe and welcoming play environment. We also want to examine ways to expand the available player base to allow for greater inclusion of the social element. 

Through creating a set of prototypes, we hope to provide greater insight into this constantly evolving technology.

Project Website:

Code sample not available due to NDA. 


I worked for the offline version of game mechanics and UI elements:

1. Double-sided drawing in Co-Join prototype - can be seen in both sides, and can only draw when both sides' hands are closed together

2. Karting in Team Racer, - automatic acceleration with touch control for steering and braking for mobile, Oculus Touch controller control for Oculus Quest.

3. UI elements of Team Racer (both Android and Oculus Quest builds). In VR all the UI elements must be in world space, which is different from the normally used overlay UI.

4. We used Photon Unity Networking to implement networking. Though it is not my primary task, I have read the documentation and helped debug several networking issues.

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