Moooooom Stop!

Home, Sweet Home


This game is a participant of Pittsburgh Global Game Jam 2019

Project duration:  48 hours
Role: Programmer and game designer
Team size: 4
Platform: Windows, made by Unity

Global Game Jam Page: (include build and source code)

Play it online:


A child went back home during his first college summer break but immediately ran away because of his parents' nagging. However, when he was running away, he found out many things that were important during his childhood, especially with his parents. Finally, he realized his parents were simply want to have family time with him...


This game is often considered to be made by the RPG Maker due to the sprite occlusion. However, it is purely made by Unity and I utilized sorting layers and a bit of code to make this happen like below:

I designed and implemented the core game system (a bullet dodging game), and the mechanic of the last stage - which would be scrolling infinitely until you going back to see your parents. The bullet shape and the dialogues will be gradually milder along with the stage, hints the player the parents only want to go with him.

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