Defend the vampire from sunshine!


Project Duration: 2 weeks
Role: Programmer, Game Designer
Teammates: Byungju Lee, Derrick Pemberton, Weidi Tang, Kristian Tchetchko
Platform: HTC Vive


A singleplayer VR game on HTC Vive. The player is the last soldier who defends the gates connecting the light side and the dark side. During the game, the player needs to break the sun rays swinging the hammer on his/her hands. The ray spawning speeds up gradually, as well as the tempo of background music. We use a wood stick with a tracker to simulate the hammer - it has some weight, so this game is also a pretty good workout.


As a designer, I gave the idea of the babyface sun, the hit-break game mechanic, and several patterns of ray spawning.


As a programmer, I implemented the ray hitting and breaking, ray spawning, and the game flow of the gameplay part. Since it is the first time I try to build a game in 2 weeks using a new technology (HTC Vive), I encountered some problem right on the due date. This project gave me a basic idea of fast prototyping so that I could do better on task management on my future projects.