Project IONA​

Survive during the nuclear leak!


Project Duration: 15 weeks
Role: Programmer
Team size: 27
Platform: iOS, Android


A singleplayer mobile puzzle game. The player needs to form 3x3 rectangle to clear the blocks. After clearing, every block adjacent to the to-be-cleared blocks will be transformed into harmful blocks that consume your energy for each move if the player does not clear at least one rectangle. Each cleared block will restore you 1 energy. Each time the number of cleared rectangles lies in (5 + 10x, 10 + 10x) range, a challenge event will occur that makes the game more difficult to play. These events will be more difficult as the player clears more rectangles. This is an endless game, the objective of the player is to beat the record over and over again.


As a gameplay programmer, I implemented most features related to the rectangle clearing: grid management, score counting, visual effects triggering, block spawning (a bag system that all kinds of blocks will appear at least once before the next sequence).


As a UI/UX programmer, I implemented the event trigger banner, score text popup, the pause screen, the interface of tutorial screen, and multi-resolution support.