Short Order Witch

Make the potions for your first day of witchcraft intern!


Project Duration: 2 weeks
Role: Programmer, Game Designer
Teammates: Marissa Doerger, Chang Liu, Huijun (Yoli) Shen, Emily Viterise
Platform: Meta II


An AR single player game that the player needs to make potions according to the orders given. This game is developed for naive guests, so the game mechanic is very simple: color matching. If the player does a correct matching, a potion will be popped up and be sent out as an order; otherwise, a special effect will occur which tells the player he/she made an incorrect choice. If the player can finish the orders given before making a certain number of mistakes, he/she will be officially hired as an internship; otherwise, he/she will be fired.


As a designer, I designed the scenario of witchcraft internship, theming, and adjusted game mechanics based on platform nature.


As a programmer, I implemented the entire game flow, ingredient mixing, and visual effects switching and popup. The biggest challenge is the platform, Meta II, itself. I need to adjust the small details repeatedly due to its limited power, and also make crucial changes since some interactions are totally not supported.